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Saffier SE 33 Life High-end day sailing

European Yacht of the Year 2022

Sail like never before Enjoy life

Yacht of the year award
Winner 2022

Saffier SE 33 Life

European Yacht of the Year 2022

She enables you to sail Enjoy life

Yacht of the year award
Winner 2022

Saffier SE 33 Life

''Enjoy life with the Saffier SE 33 Life.''.

The Saffier SE 33 Life sets a new standard for high-end daysailing. In short, the Saffier SE 33 Life is a luxury sailing yacht which shows in her sailing, comfort and craftsmanship. She has a perfect sailing experience. The Saffier SE 33 Life is engineered for single-handed sailing in the utmost comfort, with high speeds and easy handling. Second, she is the perfect sailboat to enjoy life with your friends and family because of her luxurious cockpit and interior.

Third, this daysailer its technology is top-notch. The latest hull design and vacuum-built methods provides a stable, light, fast and safe daysailer. New smart technology of this luxury sailing yacht provides the possibility to monitor your boat at all times. In short, the Saffier SE 33 Life creates a new philosophy of high-end daysailing. Sail your favourite waters in luxury with this Saffier Yacht.

A perfect sailing experience

The Saffier Se 33 Life is one of the fastest daysailers on the water. From behind the steering wheels you control the Saffier Se 33 Life luxury sailing yacht. All sheets, halyards and trim lines are running under deck back to the helmsman position to make single-handed sailing a standard for this Saffier Yacht. The sailing experience is perfect. This sailboat can handle anything.

Speed, comfort and safety where the pillars up on which the sailing yacht wasdesigned and engineered. All this in combination with a perfect cockpit of the Saffier Se 33 Life which gives you luxury, comfort and sunbeds to relax prior, during and after your sailing trip. The Saffier SE 33 Life allows you to sail, adventure and relax.


  • Length 9.85 mtr
  • Width 2.85 mtr
  • Length overall 11 mtr
  • Depth standard 1.70 mtr
  • Total weight 3000 kg
  • Depth shallow 1.40 mtr
  • Depth racekeel 2.10 mtr
  • Mainsail 33 m²
  • Mastheight above water 14.50 mtr
  • Self-tacking jib 22 m²
  • Engine Yanmar 2YM15 Diesel or Torqeedo 10 kW POD Electric
  • Code zero 62 m²
  • Certification CE-norm B with railing
  • Gennaker 93 m²
  • Watertank 60 ltr
  • Waste watertank 30 ltr
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The Saffier Se 33 Life is built according the latest high-tech construction using vacuum infused iso fiberglass with 15 mm hard core foam. Fiberglass around the keel section reinforced with roving to 25 mm thickness. 5 ribs laminated in keel section to transfer forces of keel loads. Water and cove lines laminated in gelcoat. A large integrated hull window is fitted in each side of the hull.
A fixed carbon bowsprit* which can be used for a code zero or gennaker.
Standard color: White.

The deck is built according to the sandwich principle with 15 mm hard core foam. Anti-slip structure is laminated into deck and cockpit floor.
The anchor well is incorporated in the foredeck with a foldable anchor system* into the anchor well.
The rail for the self-tacking jib has been incorporated on deck in the front of the mast. The furling system of the self-tacking jib is placed underneath the deck, this means the foot of the jib runs smoothly over deck. A flush hatch is integrated in the coach roof to accommodate light and ventilation.
The deck is equipped with four foldable cleats to securely moor your Saffier Se Life.

The large cockpit of the Saffier Se 33 Life facilitates up to 10 people. All sheets, trim- and controllines run under deck to the helmsman’s position for easy sail handling when you are sailing alone. All ropes will be stored in the storage divider compartments in the benches on each side, making use of your sheets, halyards and control lines logical and sorted. Two so called ‘gentleman’s seats’ which are removable can be added as a back rest for more comfort to the helmsman.

The large sundeck provides a great lounge area and sunbathing platform. The sunbathing platform has easy access to the water with a solid swimming ladder integrated in the stern. There is a large storage compartment underneath the sundeck for fenders, ropes and scuba gear. The seating height and high backrest makes sure you will sit comfortable on the Saffier Se 33 Life. The Saffier Se 33 Life has an incorporated fridge* in the cockpit and a table* can be installed to have lunch or diner in the cockpit.
The helmsman’s place and cockpit seating can be covered with a Bimini* to protect you from the sun.

The interior of the Saffier Se 33 Life has a large and comfortable saloon area.
Outdoor light is provided by the large windows in the hull, the flush hatch in the foredeck and the sliding entrée hatch in the middle of the boat. There is a toilet space which can be closed by shutters for privacy. The galley is equipped with a sink with running fresh water, a stove and a fridge*. On starboard side there is a dedicated coffee bar with espresso machine* and a place for coffee cups.
An adjustable table mounted on the mast pole, to use for dining.

There is a V-berth in the front. Dimensions 2.20 mtr x 1.65 mtr (shoulder height).
Two lounge seats or beds with backrest in the saloon. Dimensions 3.00 meter x 0.85 meter.
3 lights in saloon and reading lights above beds. Indirect lighting behind all the backrests.
Underneath all beds and in the lockers is sufficient storing space.

Solid lead keel with 8 x 22 mm bolts and nuts. The keel is a Naca profile for maximum performance. Standard draft is 1,70 mtr
Race keel is 2.10 mt*
A shallow draft keel of 1.40 mtr in combination with twin rudders for shallow waters*.

The deep balanced spade rudder (Jefa) fitted in needle bearings will deliver the right grip in water and sensitive feel while steering.
A pedestal with Carbon look steering wheel for even more steering comfort.
An autopilot* fitted underdecks will helm the boat for you while you trimming the sheets or relaxing on the boat while sailing or on engine.

• All winches are produced by Harken with custom Saffier Yachts branding.
• 2 x self-tailing winch Harken STA 40 (Manual or Rewind*)
• Traveller main
• Self-tacking jib rail
• 2x 5 Spinlock halyard locks
• 4x Folding pad eyes on deck to attach fenders
• 4x Folding mooring cleats
• Navigation lights

The new Saffier Se 33 Life is standard equipped with a Yanmar 2YM15 Diesel with saildrive, control dashboard and throttle.


Optional is a Torqeedo 10 kW POD electric engine with two Power 24-3500 battery including side control throttle, charger and shore power cable all by Torqeedo.
The electric propulsion runs the boat for appr. to 5 hours*** on engine.

The standard mast, spreaders and boom are made of aluminum by Selden. The mast is equipped with:
• Halyards: main, jib, gennaker/code zero all Dyneema with shackle.
• Derrick or second Main halyard spectra.
• Backstay Dyneema
• Furler for jib (Furlex)
• 2 Spreaders

All shrouds, fittings, shackles and turnbuckles are made of high quality 316 stainless steel.
Tri-color navigation light and engine light is standard mounted on the mast**.
Can be set and lowered on deck by 2 to 3 experienced persons.

Boom is equipped with;
2 reefing lines or single line reefing* on both reefs
Boom strap or rod kick*

The optional Carbon mast is equipped with:
• Carbon fibre tube
• High gloss finish
• Extended top to accommodate fathead main
• Rail on mast and cars on sail
• ROD rigging
• Gibb turnbuckles

A mast bracket* for the Raymarine displays with speed, depth, windspeed and angle can be installed on the mast.

The standard sails are made of the high quality Dacron of Elvström Sails from Denmark. The standard set of sails is a mainsail and a self-tacking jib. Optional are the sails in EPEX laminate by Elvstrom.

• Hand-held bilge pump
• 4 fenders
• 4 mooring lines.
• 1 fire extinguisher
• 3 stainless steel folding pad eyes to clip on your Lifeline in cockpit
• 1 hand manual
• 1 emergency tiller*

Her Interior layout

The interior of the Saffier SE 33 Life fulfills all of your wishes for a day out on the water. The cabin provides a luxurious and comfortable retreat from the elements and is a desirable place to come back to. Besides that, the Saffier SE 33 life has the perfect cabin to extend your stay and day out on the water. She has an interior that feels like a home away from home and you’ll be eager to return to time and time again.

This daysailer has four beds to stay spend the night and the toilet in the day head is easy accessible. This enables you to lengthen your stay and adventure your favourite waters in this sailing yacht. Moreover,  in the galley you are able to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. The special coffeebar gives you the opportunity to serve a perfect coffee wherever you are. And of course, there is a lot of storage space. Therefore, the Saffier SE 33 Life is luxurious and creates a new standard in high-end daysailing. Create memorable moments on the water with your loved ones on this Saffier SE 33 Life.

A fine art that is luxury

Craftsmanship and knowledge are required to create an interior that feels like home and a daysailer that sails perfect. Luxury and comfort are on a Saffier Yacht ensured through the usage of the highest quality materials. Our luxury finish is created by selecting the right woods, fabrics and materials. Moreover, it is our renowned craftsmanship that ensures the highest quality sailing yacht. Besides that, all Saffier Yachts can be configured to your desires. This Saffier SE 33 Life takes luxury and comfort to new heights and enables you sail and go anywhere. Therefore, the Saffier SE 33 Life is a sailing yacht like no other.



  • Hull windows

    The stylish large hull windows provides extra light in the cabin and a super modern look from the outside.

  • Gentlemen seats

    The gentlemen seats gives the helmsman a comfortable seating while steering the Saffier Se 33 Life across the lake.

  • Coffee bar

    The luxury coffee bar with cupholders and a Nespresso machine to start your day properly on board.

  • Carbon mast

    The carbon fibre mast will be equipped with curved carbon fibre spreaders, carbon fibre boom and carbon fibre rodkick.

  • Mainsheet

    The mainsheet of the German sheeting system runs through the boom for a clean look.

  • Saffier Se 33 Life - Foredeck & Anchor
    Anchor system

    The integrated folding electric anchor sytems gives you the freedom to drop the anchor wherever you like.


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