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Saffier Se 37 Lounge Meet the new standard of sailing in luxury

A Luxurious cockpit That feels like a beach-club

The Luxury Daysailer

Yacht of the year award

Saffier SE 37 Lounge

A Luxurious cockpit That feels like a beach-club

The Luxury Daysailer

Yacht of the year award

The Saffier Se 37 lounge

'' A daysailer without compromises. She has got it all.''.

The Saffier Se 37 Lounge is a daysailer that does not comply to a standard, but a sailing yacht that sets a complete new standard in the daysailer segment. A unique concept without compromise. Why choose when you don’t have to?

In short, the Saffier SE 37 Lounge is luxurious. She sails with ease, in comfort and safety at high speeds. She has all the luxury for your friends and family in a cock-pit that feels like a beach-club. With Luxury in-mind was also the cabin of this luxury sailing yacht designed. The Saffier SE 37 Lounge luxury daysailer is everything you desire.

Meet the new standard

Of sailing in luxury

The Saffier SE 37 Lounge is a sailing yacht that combines great sailing potential with easy handling. Moreover, this is a daysailer that you will be able to control on your own, always and in all circumstances.  On the other hand, this Saffier Yacht combines the luxury of a larger sailing yacht whilst also having the agility of a dinghy. Last, the cockpit of this daysailer is designed for luxury, comfort and is truly designed like a beach-club. 

On the other hand, the cabin of the SE 37 Lounge is designed in such a way that it feels spacious and light like the outside. This is a daysailer without borders: it has a cabin, but this does not feels as an ‘inside’. A sailing yacht that is not only fantastic to sail, but that is also a fantastic place to be at anchor or in the harbour. Why settle for just one when the Saffier SE 37 Lounge offers you the world?

Saffier SE 37 Lounge - green


Saffier SE 37 Lounge - technical render
  • Length 12 mtr
  • Width 3.45 mtr
  • Depth standard 2.10 mtr
  • Total weight 4800 kg
  • Mainsail 43 m²
  • Mastheight above water 16 mtr
  • Self-tacking jib 25 m²
  • Number of spreaders 2
  • 110% jib 33 m²
  • Engine Yanmar 2YM20 saildrive
  • Code zero 93 m²
  • Certification CE norm according to C or coast B with railing
  • Gennaker 115 m²
  • Total sail area upwind 76 m²
  • Number of berths 4
  • Weight keel 2050 kg
  • Fuel tank 60 ltr
  • Watertank 110 ltr
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The Saffier Se 37 Lounge are built using the latest high–tech construction technologies with a vacuum infused fibreglass construction with iso resin and gelcoat. The keel section reinforced with roving to 25 mm thickness for extra stiffness. 6 artwarthsip beams has been laminated in keel section to transfer forces of keel loads. Water- and covelines laminated in gelcoat.

The deck is build according to the sandwich principle, anti-slip structure in gelcoat laminated into deck and cockpit floor. In the middle section the deck and coachroof is reinforced with a full carbon section. On deck there are 4 folding cleats to more the boat properly. An anchor well is incorporated in the front deck. A Flush hatch is incorporated in the deck for daylight and ventilation inside the boat. A rail for the selftacking jib has been incorporated in front of mast.

Very spacious self draining cockpit with sufficient place for 10 persons. The two wheels in the front of the cockpit gives a great overview on sails, deck and surroundings. All sheets, halyards, reefing lines and kicking-strap are lead underdeck to the helmsman‘s position and can be operated by one person at the helm by manual or electric winches.
Cockpit is laminated with standard anti slip structure.
The cockpit gives good back support, a wide seating area and sufficient depth for maximum comfortable seating. All benches and sunbathing platform can be fitted with lounge cushions.
There is a fixed table in the cockpit with cupholders. The aft deck can be used as a bathing platform and has easy access to the water. In the cockpit there is an integrated electric BBQ Grill* and a 40 liter fridge compartment.
There are 4 lockers for storage in the cockpit benches.

The Saffier Se 37 Loungen has an open lounge interior with very comfortable seatings and finished with top quality carpentry work. The interior lighting is with indirect LED on floor and behind benches to create a warm atmosphere throughout. With five integrated drawers underneath the seatings there is sufficient space to store your belongings.
A design table can be installed of solid nutwood, this table can be turn around the mastpole. On portside there is a galley, with a integrated coffee bar, electric induction cooker, sink with running water and a fridge. On starboard side the toilet space with toilet, sink and running water, this seperate cabin can be fitted with a shower as well. There are enough lockers to store towels and personal hygiene items. In the toilet area there is hanging compartment to dry your wet sailing gear after sailing.
You can choose the colors of the upholstery to your liking. Material used are the very best, such as smoked Oak and Nutwood for interior and floor. There are several spots and lamps throughout the inside of the boat.

There are three options for the keel depths. 2 mtr draft, 2,30 mtr draft and 2,45 mtr draft. The solid antimony hardened t-bulb keel is installed with six 24mm nuts and bolts.
The keel provides a very low center of gravity point with the T-bulb keel. The perfectly shape vin of the keel provides maximum lift and height while sailing.

The rudder is a deep balanced rudder from Jefa with needle bearings for fingertip steering. The deep rudder provides excellent grip in the water keeping the boat on track even when conditions are rough.

The Saffier Se 37 Lounge is standard equipped with a Yanmar 2YM20 21 hp diesel engine with a saildrive. This maintenance free engine has a dashboard with time, rotation counter and alarms. Combined with the engine comes the stainless steel fuel tank which positioned underneath the cockpit floor.

Fractional double spreader rig of aluminum made by Selden. The fittings and rigging are made of high quality stainless steel. Boom has been fitted with two reefs. All shrouds are made of stainless steel wire with rigging tensioners. Backstay is made of Dyneema SK78.
The forestays is equipped with a furler which is mounted under deck so the jib runs immediately over deck. A gennaker or code zero can be used on the bowsprit.

Sails are made from high quality dacron made by Elvstrom. The sails has been through a stiffening process to make the sails keep their shape and durable. The mainsail is standard with two reefs. The jib is a selftacking jib.
Optional is to get these sails made of laminate. This means the sails do not have any stretch anymore and are more durable then the Dacron. The boat will sail faster and more comfortable.
To get more downwind and reaching performance it is possible to expand the sail wardrobe with an code zero or gennaker.

Engine;1x 70 A AGM
Service; 2x 230 ( total 460 A) AGM
Converter 12V – 220V Victron 50 A

To get all the information like boatspeed, depth, windspeed, winddirection, watertemperature, log and max speed we have the option to equippe the boat with the Raymarine I70s display.
A Raymarine autopilot is optional which makes the boat even more easy to sail singlehanded.

1 x water supply
1 x waste tank
2 x Bilge pump ( manual and electric)
1 x floor toilet to pump out shower water
1x Electric toilet

Navigation: Tricolor on of the top mast, engine light, two color on bow and stern light
Cockpit*: Indirect lighting on cockpit floor.
Cabin: Indirect lighting with dimmer on floor and to ceiling. Spots for reading.

Harken: 2 x Winches, selftacking track, mainsheet track,
All sheets and halyards blocks Harken.
Spinlock organizers, 13 x Spinlock Rope Clutch.
2 x carbon look wheels with pedastales.
Flush lewmar hatch.
4x Folding cleats
Railing with 6 stanchions, push and pulpit can be fitted

All valves, skin lead-throughs and ventilators are made of brass or composite. All tubes and wiring have been tested according to the ISO and CE norms.

4 fenders
4 mooring lines
2 x fire extinguisher
2x winch handle
25m Shore power cable

The perfect helmsman position

We designed this daysailer to provide the utmost luxury and comfort. Therefore, the Saffier SE 37 Lounge has a unique helmsman position at the front of the cockpit. In front of the lounge area is the helmsman positioned as a cockpit on its own. Here you are able to control and oversee the complete sailing yacht. You are able to access all the lines to trim and control the sails completely single-handed. These details make it our luxury daysailer. 

Secondly, luxury is also ensured in the sailing experience of this sailing yacht. The Saffier Se 37 Lounge is a daysailer that sails effortlessly and has supreme sailing characteristics. Upwind the boat will get to hull speed in the blink of an eye. Downwind the bowsprit makes it possible to sail a huge Code 0 or gennaker of over 100 m². With those sails the Saffier SE 37 Lounge will reach speeds far above its hull speed. In short, she has supreme sailing characteristics. 

Saffier SE 37 Lounge - cockpit & helmsman position

Sailing and relaxing

The cockpit of this Saffier SE 37 lounge was designed like a beach-club. Usually a beach-club is a designated area on the stern of a yacht to provide luxury and relaxation close to the water. The position of the helmsman position enables the creation of true beach-club. The cockpit of this daysailer becomes a perfect place to sail and relax. The cockpit is spacious and completely free of lines. Therefore, the people onboard have a luxurious space to relax.

The cockpit of this sailing yacht is fitted out with comfortable seats and luxury cushions where your family and friends can enjoy sailing in the best way possible. Not only during your sail this is a nice place to be. Also at anchor or in the harbour is the cockpit a real beach-club close to the water. To conclude, there is enough space to lounge, for at least ten people comfortably on this Saffier SE 37 Lounge. 



Saffier SE 37 Lounge - cockpit

A fine art that is luxury

Craftsmanship and knowledge are required to create an interior that feels luxurious. The interior of the Saffier SE 37 Lounge feels bright, light, spacious and not like a cabin on a yacht. First, the wide cabin entrance and a minimal level difference between the interior and exterior ensure that. This creates a perfect transition between the outside and inside which feels completely fluid and natural. On top of that, the large port holes and lighting make it feel like there is no difference between the inside and outside. A main bulkhead is unnecessary because of the application of carbon. Therefore, light will fall perfectly into the cabin making it a pleasant place to come back to time and time again. Therefore, the Saffier SE 37 is this luxurious. 






Saffier SE 37 Lounge - Cockpit

A luxurious interior

That feels like home

Luxury and comfort are on a Saffier Yacht ensured through a usage of the highest quality materials. Our luxury finish is created by selecting the right woods, fabrics, and materials. This is a luxury daysailer.  There is a little coffee corner for a perfect cop of coffee anytime anywhere, a galley, a head, luxury seats, a huge double bed in the front and a lot of storage space. This is the perfect interior to lengthen your trip for a day or two. Above all, this is an interior that feels like home away from home and is a luxurious place to come back to time and time again. The Saffier SE 37 Lounge is the perfect daysailer that combines sailing and luxury. 




Saffier SE 37 Lounge - Cockpit


Saffier Se 37 Lounge easy sailing

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