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Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise Unique classic design

Fast Sailing Solo or with 6 people

Large Cockpit up to six people

The new Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise

The modern classic

The Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise is a unique classic daysailer with state of the art modern technology while still keeping the beautiful classic hull lines intact. With the large cockpit it is possible to sail with 6 persons in comfort.


  • Length 6.5 mtr
  • Width 2.05 mtr
  • Length overall 5.80 mtr
  • Depth standard 0.95 mtr
  • Total weight 900 kg
  • Mainsail 13 m²
  • Mastheight above water 8.80 mtr
  • Self-tacking jib 8 m²
  • Number of spreaders 2
  • Engine Torqeedo 2.0 POD motor
  • Code zero 25 m²
  • Certification Ce-norm class D
  • Trailerable Yes
  • Total sail area upwind 21 m²
  • Number of berths 2
  • Weight keel 400 kg
  • Fuel tank 21 ltr
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The hull is made of gelcoat (standard in Sapphire Blue (RAL5004) with white water- & coveline) with  laminated fibreglass, 7mm thick from bow to stern, 15mm thick over the keel line.
The keel attachment area is reinforced with roving laminate and has 4 athwartship beams for distributing the keel forces.

The deck of a Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise is made of a sandwich construction. Cockpit floor and deck is laminated with gelcoat (standard in white).

The spacious and ergonomic cockpit with more than enough space for 6 people. All sheets, halyards, reefing lines and kicking strap can be operated by the helmsman alone.
The cockpit has two storage compartments for all the halyards, sheets and trimlines.

The cabin can be used for a sleepover with two people. Or can be used to store your sailing gear inside. It is possible to install a coolbox inside. 

The keel is made of solid lead and modern shaped with a bulb to get the center of gravity as low as possible.

The balanced spade rudder is deep to create grip in the water. The rudder has a teak tiller with a tiller extension. The rudder-stock is stainless steel and laminated into the rudderblade. 

The Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise could be equipped with a Torqeedo 2.0 cruise pod with folding prop. Torqeedo Lithium battery 24V, only 24 Kg weight. Charger including shorepower cable and 1 fire extinguisher.

The other options is to get the Yanmar 1GM10 1 cylinder 10 hp sail-drive with dashboard, stainless steel fuel tank, folding propeller and 1 fire extinguisher.

Mast, spreaders and boom are made of aluminium, produced by Selden. The mast can be set up and lowered without a crane. All metal parts made of high quality stainless steel. The boom is equipped with two reefing lines (run through the boom) and kicking-strap. All standing rigging is made of stainless steel wire with turnbuckles.
It is possible to get the mast, boom and spreader spray painted in black or white. 

Sails are made from high quality dacron made by Elvstrom. The sails has been through a stiffening process to make the sails keep their shape and durable. The mainsail is standard with two reefs. The jib is a self-tacking jib. 
Optional is to get these sails made of laminate. This means the sails do not have any stretch and are more durable then the Dacron. The boat will sail faster and more comfortable.

To get more downwind and reaching performance it is possible to expand the sail wardrobe with an code zero or gennaker.

The Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise is standard equipped with an automatic electric bilgepump in the cockpit. 
To get all the information like speed, depth, watertemperature, log and max speed you could choose for the Raymarine I40 with all the sensors. 

Ce norm D.

Dennis Hennevanger on the new Sc 6.50 Cruise

We took our time to design her. The old Sc 6.50 has quite a legacy in Holland as being a very seaworthy boat and we certainly wanted to keep that intact.

The hull is one aspect of her seaworthiness and keeping the righting moment the same was important. With the new keel shape, and these days being able to put the centre of gravity much lower in the keel, we ended up with 20% less weight in the keel with an even better righting moment.

Along with the new rudder and new rig she has much more performance, especially going upwind. The rigg has a large mainsail and a self-tacking jib. Furthermore she can easily be fitted out with a furling code zero sail. This provides a very effective way of getting more sail area downwind or on a reach and the handling is as simple as a furling jib.



Saffier Yachts

key features

  • Beautiful classic lines combining technology of today
  • A large cockpit layout for 6 persons to sit comfortably
  • Super easy to operate and sail by the helmsman alone
  • Easy setting of the sails, with selftacking jib and code zero furler sail
  • A modern design of the rigg in combination with a bulb keel and a deep spade rudder
  • Very seaworthy, with a ballast ratio of 50%
  • Diesel engine or electrical propulsion when not sailing
  • Flexiteek teak decking, no maintenance and great looks

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solo or with 6 persons

With the new deck and cockpit there is much more space and the seating is much more comfortable; she is also very easy for one person to control and sail alone sitting at the helm, which is a real benefit.

What I particularly like are the small, almost hidden details, such as integrated cup holders and boxes to store your halyards and control lines.
Inside there is also considerable improvement. A lot of space has been created and access is very easy. The design will appeal to a broad range of people who are looking for a simple-to-sail open yacht, with beautiful lines and all the comfort and performance you expect from a modern daysailer.

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