Saffier Se 33 Grand Prix

The Saffier Se 33 Grand Prix is built by and for Saffier Yachts to race around the cans and occasionally offshore.

“We will race the Saffier Se 33 Grand Prix around Europe in the upcoming years. We had a similar project in the past and learned that being in the middle of the action on the race course will benefit our production line models now and in the future. All new technologies and designs are out there on the race course, so we pick up ideas firsthand.

Of course, the love and fun of racing on the water are something Saffier Yachts has always embraced. We are simply thrilled to get back racing and meet the old and new racing teams.

The Saffier Se 33 Grand Prix is based on the hull design of the award-winning Saffier Se 33 Life. The hull, keel, and rudder are the same, but the deck layout is changed to accommodate a 6-person racing team in full action. The Saffier Se 33 Grand Prix has slightly more sail area than the Saffier Se 33 Life.”

Dennis Hennevanger, CEO Saffier Yachts