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The new Saffier Sc 8m Cabin

A variety of opportunities

The Saffier Sc 8m Cabin offers a variety of opportunities.
Unlimited sailing areas, from lake, river or sea, a large ergonomic cockpit and interior fit for 4 adults. All this with the well-known sailing qualities of the Saffier Yachts brand and build with the latest technologies.


  • Length 8 mtr
  • Width 2.45 mtr
  • Depth standard 1.30 mtr
  • Total weight 1800 kg
  • Depth shallow 1.03 mtr
  • Mainsail 20 m²
  • Mastheight above water 10.60 mtr
  • Self-tacking jib 10.85 m²
  • Number of spreaders 1
  • 110% jib 16 m²
  • Engine Yanmar 15 HP diesel or Torqeedo electric engine
  • Code zero 29 m²
  • Certification CE standards complying with coast C
  • Gennaker 45 m²
  • Trailerable Yes
  • Total sail area upwind 36 m²
  • Number of berths 4
  • Weight keel 760 kg
  • Fuel tank 45 ltr
  • Watertank 60 ltr
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The hull is made of gelcoat with laminated fibreglass, 7mm thick from bow to stern, 15mm thick over the keel line. The waterline and coveline is laminated into the gelcoat.
The keel attachment area is reinforced with 22mm roving laminate and has 4 athwartship beams for distributing the keel forces.

The deck is made of a sandwich construction. (Antislip is laminated into the deck and cockpit floor.) There is a toerail on the side of the deck with drainage outlets. On the foredeck there is a anchor hatch. The rail for the self tacking jib is incorporated in the cabin roof just in front of the mast. On the aft deck there is a storage compartment with a topload hatch incorporated in the deck. 

The cockpit is spacious enough to sail the boat with 6 people. All the sheets, halyards and controllines are run back to the cockpit which makes the boat easy to sail singlehanded. The cockpit is self draining. The seats has high backrests and the right ergonomic seating height for maximum sit comfort. A removable table can be fitted in the cockpit. 

The cabin is provided for 4 beds, a v-berth in the front and two beds along the side of the boat. Toilet will be placed underneath the v-berth. There is a small galley on the starboardside in the cabin. 
Under the beds there is a lot of storage space. In the fore deck there is an aluminium hatch for extra light in the cabin and can be opened for ventilation. There are two windows on the side of the cabin.

The modern shaped keel is made of solid lead. The keel is installed with 4 x 22mm nuts and bolts. You can choice between a 1,03 mtr or the race keel of 1,30mtr. 

The rudder is a deep balanced spade rudder with tiller and tiller extension.

The Saffier Sc 8m Cabin is standard equipped with a Yanmar 2YM15 2 cilinder diesel engine with a saildrive. This maintenance free engine has a dashboard with time, rotation counter and alarms. Combined with the engine comes the stainless steel fuel tank which positioned underneath the cockpit floor. 

The second option is the Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 FP high-efficiency pod motor with folding propeller including Torqeedo 48-5000 lithium battery (3500 Wh, 25.9 volts) and Torqeedo Power 48-5000 battery charger with shore power cable and fire extinguisher.

The mast, spreader and boom are made of aluminium by Selden. All the fittings are made of high quality stainless steel. Boom is fitted with two reeflines which run through the boom. All halyards, sheets and controllines are run back to the cockpit. All shrouds are stainless steel and the turnbuckles are made of 316 stainless steel.

Sails are made from high quality dacron made by Ullman. The sails has been through a stiffening process to make the sails keep their shape and durable. The mainsail is standard with two reefs. The jib is a selftacking jib. 
Optional is to get these sails made of laminate. This means the sails do not have any stretch anymore and are more durable than the Dacron. The boat will sail faster and more comfortable.
To get more downwind and reaching performance it is possible to expand the sail wardrobe with a code zero or gennaker.

To get all the information like boatspeed, depth, windspeed, winddirection, watertemperature, log and max speed we have the option to equippe the boat with the Raymarine i70s display. 
It is possible to get this Saffier Sc 8m Cabin with an autopilot in the Raymarine i70p range. 

One with the elements

The Sc 8m Cabin is designed for people who like sailing. Close to the water instead of high on top, the feeling that you are one with the elements. Former dinghy sailors who wants to keep just that feeling but with the comfort of a toilet and cooking facilities, a seaworthy cockpit, lots of space inside and a Yanmar diesel engine or Torqeedo electric engine will certainly appreciate this design. 


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Comforting and relaxing

Just as all the other Saffier Yachts the Saffier Sc 8m Cabin can be controlled by one person – on engine or while sailing – alone. The reason why is that the controls for the engine, but also the sheets and halyards of the sails are all in reach of the helmsman who can stay safe in the cockpit while trimming and adjusting the sails. The self-tacking jib makes tacking or gybing a maneuver which the helmsman can decide when to perform without asking his crew to move around in the cockpit. Your family will find the high stability, spacey room inside and functionality of this weekend sailer comforting and relaxing.

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seaworthy, selfrighting and self draining

The Saffier Sc 8m Cabin is seaworthy, self-righting and has a self draining cockpit. Whether you would like to sail in a small lake, hop along the coast or maybe a trip overseas to France, Belgium or Holland, the Saffier Sc 8m Cabin can do it all. And when you really want to explore, the Saffier Sc 8m Cabin is easy trailer behind the car to any destiny you want.

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