This is the best tender in your line-up of toys!

The Saffier SE 24 Lite will be your favourite tender in your line-up of toys! She brings out only fun and smiles during sailing in the sun, wind and water. Besides that, the Saffier SE 24 lite is European Yacht of the year 2024.⁠In short, she is super-fast, sails with ease and fun and fits easily in or on your super yacht. The Saffier SE 24 Lite is fast, fun and perfect. She is the perfect tender.

A Saffier Yacht is renowned for her quality, engineering and design. The Saffier SE 24 Lite was engineered with speed, comfort and safety in mind. She can be sailed racing with double digits or in utter tranquility with your family and friends. Besides that is she the most luxurious daysailer in her size. She comfortably seats four people in the cockpit and has a ergonomic and simple interior. This daysailer can be rigged in a blink of an eye and is easily lifted with a single lifting point. She is perfect for a day out on the water. She already is our favourite tender – and she will become yours!