Chapter 3: Saffier Se 33 Life – All features and layouts explained

In the video below, Sales & Marketing manager Kay Heemskerk explains all features, specialities and layout options on the all-new Saffier Se 33 Life.

The Saffier Se 33 Life is designed with the Saffier basics in mind. Exceptional performance, super easy to handle by one person and total comfort is what the Saffier Se 33 life stands for.
The Se 33 Life will also feature a special mainsail traveller arch to provide a total uncluttered cockpit and ease of a furl in/out bimini for protection of the sun while sailing or in the harbor. To maximize weight saving the deck is partly build of carbon fibre and the hull and deck are vacuum infused.

The Saffier Se 33 Life will have two interior layouts:

Family version
The family version of the Saffier Se 33 Life has four beds to stay overnight with the whole family.
The toilet is easily accessible for using at day and night. In the galley you are able to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The special coffeebar gives you the opportunity to serve a perfect coffee wherever you are.

Couple version
The inside of the saloon is completely open with a lot of natural light from the iconic hull windows. When you step into the cabin you find all the comfort you need. There is a little coffee corner, a galley with running water and a closed toilet space, all situated in the aft of the saloon.

Furthermore you will find luxury seats with indirect lighting behind the backrest and a huge double bed in front. And of course, there is a lot of storage space.