New dealer in Australia & New Zealand

We are very happy to announce that we have a new dealer in Down Under. Eyachts is a well known company in the region of Sydney in Australia and is an expert in importing European top quality yachts into Down Under.

Managing director of Eyachts Peter Hrones says the following on the dealership with Saffier Yachts:

“I have had my eye on Saffier Yachts for the last 5 years now and have watched them become the largest sailing day-boat manufacturer in the world. They are building over 150 boats per year and are expanding their factory in IJmuiden, Holland so they can produce 230 to 240 units per year in 2022/23. It’s still a very niche brand but it fits very well into our portfolio and is suited to the Australian and New Zealand market. Now with their modern range including the 27, 33 and 37 it is time to bring these boats to the market they are meant for.”

CEO of Saffier Yachts Dennis Hennevanger: “We are very happy with this company to represent us in Australia & New Zealand, both countries does have a very big history in sailing. Together with our heritage in Sydney we fell very connected with this region in the world, it is extra special that hopefully many Saffier Yachts will be sailed in Down Under over the upcoming years.”