Saffier Magazine

A five part series of the Saffier video magazine. We will take you on a monthly tour to show you what happens on the Saffier yard.

Part 1

This edition will feature a short introduction by Dennis and Dean Hennevanger, the design phase of the Saffier se 37 Lounge, delivery of a Saffier Se 33 in New York, Saffier at boatshows and more.

Part 2

Dean is at the fibreglass department where the Saffier Se 37 lounge is released from the moulds. Dennis describes the interior of the Saffier Se 37 Lounge. Hans Nagtegaal, Saffiers head carpenter talks about his job.

Part 3

The progress on our all new Saffier Se 37 lounge. Harken deck hardware and Selden mast explain their partnership with Saffier yachts. The Saffier Nitro, our race boat, built by Saffieryachts and used to test new idea’s, designs and material.

Part 4

In this edition of the Saffier Magazine the all new Saffier Se 37 Lounge will hit the water for the first time! Also Boris, one of our top engineers, will talk about his job.

Part 5

After years of preparation she is finally here. A boat that combines great sailing potential with ease of handling. A boat you will be able to control on your own – always and in all circumstances.