Brand-new yard for Saffier Yachts

Saffier Yachts has acquired one of the most iconic buildings in the industrial heart of IJmuiden.

With a total of 7000m2 of land and 4000m2 of buildings and equipped with 12 overhead cranes to lift 64 tons each, it is the perfect place to expand for Saffier yachts.

A total renovation in- and outside is taking place as we speak. The new Saffier Yachts yard will go in full operation medio 2022 where we will have place to build 35 Saffier Yachts at a time.  A dedicated timberwork place, a design- and technology office, a high class sales area and an exclusive storage hall for all who wants our annually 360 degrees service for their Saffier.

Dean Hennevanger, Co-owner and Head of the Technical department:

“It is really exciting. It was imported for us to stay in IJmuiden which is located right on the North Sea coastline. We did investigate other cities but when this opportunity came along, we had to grab it. The building has a long-lasting history in IJmuiden, which I like. It was formally used to build parts of oil rigs. It could not be more suited to build yachts, it has everything we want.

One of the many features will be an indoor water basin with sprinkler system so we can test our boats and shower them extensively to make sure that all is watertight. What is important to us is that we always look for ways to make the quality better, never the quantity. I believe with this new building we can make a next step towards an even higher level of quality combining the latest technologies which we now have place for in the yard to evolve.”

Furthermore, it was important for Dennis that we stay close to the North Sea. Dennis really gives our yachts a severe beating on the water before giving his approval, he never holds back. Combining Dennis his experience and the roughness of the North Sea right on our doorstep is a real benefit. If the boats survive here, they will survive anywhere.