Visit Saffier Yachts at boot Düsseldorf 2024

Hereby we would like to invite you to boot Düsseldorf 2024 from the 20th to the 28th of January at standnumber 16D53. At our stand you can experience all of our models: the Saffier Classic, the Saffier Elegance and the brand NEW Saffier Luxury Yacht. Again, we bring every Saffier to the show.


At boot Düsseldorf, we will showcase our exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and customizable options of our yachts. You can sit in the cockpit, lie down in the cabin and hold the helm of your favourite Saffier Yacht. A boatshow is the perfect moment to spot the differences between our models and identify the boat which suits you best. At our stand we are there to help, answer questions and configure your future Saffier Yacht.


Therefore, we would like to invite you to boot Düsseldorf 2024. Feel free to pass by for a chat, a question or look at our stunning Saffier Yachts. It is also possible to make an appointment in advance for a fixed time to meet with our salesteam. Please contact [email protected].

These yachts are at Düsseldorf 2024


Our NEW Luxury Yacht

The SL 46 MED / NORTH is our latest creation in combining luxury, quality and performance. She is a 46-foot luxury sailing yacht. The cockpit is designed for a true daysailing experience and inside she is luxurious, unique and premium. A place you desire to be in. See the SL 46  scale model at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

Saffier SL 46 MED & NORTH

SE 37 Lounge

She sets a new standard

The SE 37 Lounge is a Saffier Yacht without any compromises. The daysailer seamlessly blends the inside and outside because of the large companionway. The yacht is spacious but can also be sailed single-handed. Only the best materials are used to achieve comfort, high performance and joy on the water. This yacht has a superior cabin with premium materials. The daysailer with no boundaries. See the SE 37 Lounge at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

Saffier SE 37 Lounge

SE 33 Life

A high-end yacht and unique daysailer

The SE 33 Life is unique. This yacht is a true home for your family. She is built to celebrate life. Her cockpit is amazing. This daysailer can achieve high speeds even in heavier winds and can be sailed single-handed. She sails the waters in comfort, style and ease. The cabin is spacious, ergonomic and unique. She is truly something special. Experience the SE 33 Life at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

SE 27 Leisure

The Perfect daysailer

The SE 27 Leisure is the perfect daysailer. She is fast, nimble and agile. The 27-foot yacht is a daysailer with high sailing capabilities. Besides that, this yacht has a perfect ergonomic cockpit and everything you need in the cabin for a day on the water. We use the best materials to make this perfect daysailer. Catch a glimpse of the SE 27 Leisure at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

SE 24 Lite

Fast, nimble, and perfect.

The SE 24 Lite is the smallest daysailer in our line up. She ticks all the boxes to be a true Saffier Yacht. Fast, fun and playfull to sail with her lightweight construction. The Torqeedo battery is powered by solar panels, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly source of energy. This daysailer is super easy trailerable with the single lifting point. She is everything you need. Experience the SE 24 Lite at Düsseldorf 2024.

Saffier SE 24 Lite

SC 8M Cabin

Classic lines that last forever

This SC 8M cabin is part of our classical line up. She possesses classical lines that last for ever. You will sail close to the water and be able to touch it. She sails the waters with ease and offers great comfort. Her cabin is ergonomic and perfect to spend the weekend. Visit our stand at boot Düsseldorf 2024 to see the SC 8M Cabin.

SC 6.50 Cruise

A modern classic

This SC 6.50 cruise is also part of our classical line-up. This yacht has classical lines and she is super recognizable. Besides that, this yachts has a large cockpit with all sheets, halyards and trimlines close at hand.  She is classic and everything you need for a great time on the water. Come and experience the Saffier SC 6.50 Cruise at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

Saffier Sc 6.50 Cruise - Classic daysailer