The Saffier Se 37 Lounge ,,ARPAD” delivered in Italy.

I arrived late Monday afternoon in Verona by airplane from Amsterdam. Van de Wetering transport had already delivered her in perfect condition the week before at the harbour in Malcesine.

While picking up my rental car from Verona, the rental company asked me for my passport, which I handed over. The guy took a short glance at the passport, threw it back on the counter and said only 2 words: Too young. I bit annoyed by his attitude I pick up my passport to discover that it was my 5 years old son his passport! I had never been checked at the gate in Amsterdam (there you go for security). With a little persecution that my drivers license should be enough for him to give me my rental car I went on my way arriving in Malcesine on hour later.

Harbour master Gerhard is probably one of the best harbour master in Europe. He has seen them all; from the hotshots in the RC 44 class to the first timers in the optimist and anything in between.
Arpad was still wrapped in plastic. We cut it off and hauled her into the water. Any Saffier, before going to any place is always first tested at our home waters, so I was sure that all would fit.


Tuesday the next day I rigged her up and on the very late evening we had our very first short sail. We have a lot more customers in Lake Garda ( 3x Se 33, 2x Se 26, Sc 6.50) which I had all invited for a dinner in the evening. No need to say that with the excellent Italian food and wine we had a great evening!

Wednesday it was up rise again, I had our dealer, mr Podesto from Settemari Yachts with clients who wanted to test the Se 37 and Se 33. A great day of sailing with orders placed.

Thursday was fully reserved to sail with the owner of Arpad. Although a bit cold, we had perfect winds between 8 and 12 knots and Arpad was sailing liked she owned the Garda lake.

Friday it was time to fly back. As I knew I had to fly internationally a few days later I didn’t take the risk, I had my own passport sent to me in Malcesine. Luckily so, because this time I was checked at the gate for my boarding pass and passport.

Off to the next delivery!

Dennis Hennevanger