Saffier Se 26 renamed Saffier Sc 8m Open.

Renamed the Saffier Sc 8m Open, the former Se 26 will continue in our line of models.

Kay Heemskerk, senior sales manager: ”With 160 units sold, the Saffier Sc 8m open is as popular as ever.

We even decided for 2020 to make new moulds (after 160 units made the old moulds where at the end of their lifespan) because we believe combining classic lines with modern deck and rig layout she is timeless. I strongly believe she has al the potential to carry on for the next 10 years in our classic lined range.

The Classic range now lines up in 4 models: Sc 6.50m Cruise, Sc 8m Open, Sc 8m Cabin anmd the Sc 10m Cabin.