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Are you looking for a vacancy, BBL, or an internship? Would you like to build the highest quality Dutch sailing yachts possible? Then you have come to the right place at Saffier Yachst in IJmuiden.

At Saffier Yachts work approximately 70 people who are proud at what they craft. A employee of Saffier Yachts contributes to the whole build process from start to finish of the yacht. Play the video on the left for a first good impression!


Available vacancies

Here you find all vacancies.

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Application procedure: 

  • 1. You apply directly via the website, email or phone
  • 2. Sanne will get in touch with you as soon as possible
  • 3. Getting acquainted over the phone
  • 4. An introduction of Saffier Yachts in IJmuiden
  • 5. Getting to know each other better through a trial-day/ follow-up conversation
  • 6. Welcome at Saffier Yachts


E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +31 6 2523 1929

HR-manager Sanne bij Saffier Yachts
  • Working at a Dutch yacht builder!

    Saffier Yachts builds the highest quality sailing yachts in IJmuiden. You will work in a clean, professional and renowned yard.

  • Working together in ambitious teams

    Saffier Yachts is a family company with an open and informal working atmosphere. As an employee at Saffier Yachts you are a appreciated team-player. There is a good balance between work and leisure. Communication is short and direct. Colleagues know each other.

  • Working together to learn, grow and develop

    We perfect our work every day. Because of this, we realize the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Is your job unavailable?

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Why working at Saffier Yachts?

Working on the highest quality Dutch sailing yachts

At the yard in IJmuiden we work in teams together on the highest quality Dutch sailing yachts. We work with a lot of passion and dedication on our craftsmanship. We work in a professional environment in which we treat each other in an informal way and you can expect great employment conditions.

Saffier jachtwerf IJmuiden
  • Electrical engineer

    This is Boris. He is team-lead technique.

    ''The working environment is open, honest and direct. We go about very open and informal. Everyone knows each other. Come work at Saffier Yachts!''.

  • Carpenter

    They are Leo and Mickey-Mae. They are yacht carpenter and intern.

    ''Together we work on the interior of every Saffier Yacht. We work and learn every day. Everyone is always busy perfecting his or her job. Come work at Saffier Yacht!''.

  • Yachtbuilder

    This is Petrisor. He is a yacht builder.

    ''We work in a clean, professional and dynamic yard. In IJmuiden we build sailing yachts of the highest possible quality. Com work at Saffier Yachts.''.

  • Fibreglass worker

    This is Bas. He is a fibreglass worker.

    '' There is a good balance between work and leisure. We work during the day and do not work night shifts. The tempo of work is pretty hig here so we do not work extra hours. Come work at Saffier Yachts!''.

Where will you work?

At the yard in IJmuiden

The working atmosphere is open, direct and honest. Within the organization we like to go the extra mile. Everybody is continuously learning and improving his job. We like to work, learn and finish.


Amongst our employees there is a culture in which we like to work together. As an employee of Saffier Yachts you are appreciated team player. Colleagues know each other and lines of comunciation are short. Above all, the yard is clean and professional. At the yard in IJmuiden we build luxury yachts at the highest level.


Besides a perfect working environment is Saffier yachts a brand that is world renowned. Saffier Yachst is a family company that has been around for more than 30 years and is today still in development. The new Saffier SL 36 is a great example of this development. Every Saffier Yacht is specifically made according to the wishes of the customer. Come work at Saffier Yachts!

Saffier jachtwerf IJmuiden 2

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