Style , Speed , Saffier Se 37 Lounge

The Saffier Se 33 is designed as a seaworthy daysailer with extraordinary sailing potential in combination with a luxury feel of sailing. A powerfull rigg, fast underwater hull in combination with a moderen T bulp keel, a fixed bowsprit for a code zero and vacuum building technics make the Saffier Se 33 a light and fast daysailer while sailing in total comfort.

The yard: love and dedication

Pure craftsmanship and love for sailing is what sets the Saffieryard apart. Weather it is the building qualities or design all the way until delivery and looking after you once you are sailing, Saffier yachts looks at you as family.
A yard which has been recognized international by award winning designs and to be one of the leaders on the daysailing market today.
Whatever Saffier you choose they all have been made with love and dedication. The Yard or your local Saffieryachts dealer can tell you exactly which Saffier suits your needs.

saffier se37 Vakmanschap, passie en liefde voor het zeilen


Forward twin helm and rope free cockpit

Unique on the Saffier Se 37 Lounge is the forward twin helm and the rope free cockpit behind.The Saffier Se 37 Lounge can be sailed totaly by the helmsmen alone. The mainsail, selftacking jib, code- zero or genaker and all sheet and halyards which run underdeck can be operated at the winchconsols while staying behind the twin helm. All lines can be operated manually or with electrical winch*. With the two steeringwheels the helmsman can steer accurate to the wind and has a great overview on sails, deck and the surounding waters. Easy passage to the aft deck is guaranteed.

saffier se37 Zeewaardig, zelfrichtend en zelflozend

Seaworthy and self-righting

The cockpit which gives room for 10 persons is made that the aft deck can be used as a sunbathing platform and the half open transom makes easy acces to the water. The port and starboard benches are 2.50 m long and offers lots of space while sailing or relaxing in harbour or at anchor.

The cockpit and saloon is just one step away. With a large hatch and the cockpit floor and saloon floor only 1 meter apart the inside and outside is really connected with each other. Inside there is a lot of natural light. Underdeck offers enough space for 4 persons to sleep. There is a cooking facility with running water and fridge*, room for a toilet* and lockers for storage.

The Saffier Se 37 Lounge is seaworthy, self-righting, has a self draining cockpit and can be used on any kind of water.


Length with bowsprit12.00 m
Length boat11 m
Lengte water line10 m
Beam3,45 m
Depth1,70 /2,10/2,40m
Heigth waterline-mast 16 m
Total weight4800 kg
Weight Keel2050 kg
Mainsail43 m2
Selftacking jib45 m2
108% Jib32 m2
Code zero93 m2
Genaker115 m2
  • Built up according to the sandwich principle with Iso geloat and resin.
  • Fibreglass around the keel section reinforced with roving to 22 mm thickness.
  • 4 ribs laminated in keel section to transfer forces of keel loads.
  • Water and cove lines laminated in gelcoat.
  • Built up according to the sandwich principle, anti-slip structure in gelcoat laminated into deck and cockpit floor.
  • Deck is finished with toe rails with water drainage outlets.
  • 4 folding clamps
  • An anchor well is incorporated in the front deck.
  • A Flush hatch is incorporated in the deck for daylight and ventilation inside the boat.
  • A rail for the selftacking jib has been incorporated in front of mast
  • The aft deck has a hatch providing access to storage area and a hatch for a fridge outside.

In the front a V berth of 2.10 m length. On port and starboard side 2 shelves. Underneath the V berth is storage space. There is room for a toilet* in the front compartment which can be closed for privacy when using the toilet.
In the salon on port and starboard side a seat/ sleep bench of 2.20 m. with storage space underneath.
On starboard side there is cooking facilities and a water basin with running water ( 130 ltr).
On port side there is a Locker to place your bag and room to hang your Sailing cloths.
A fridge* can be installed.
Color of the upholstery to your liking.
There are enough spots and lamps throughout the inside of the boat.

A balanced rudder with 2 steering wheels in cockpit. A self steer auto pilot* can be installed

Yanmar 3YM20 cilinder 21 hp saildrive with dashboard complete with time and rotation counter and alarms
Maintenance free engine battery 12V 70AH.
Ships battery * 130A/ 12V- 75
60 l. diesel fuel tank.

At the bow a port and starboard light, a stern light, a top light (3 colors) and a engine light.

Solid lead bulb. Total draft 1.70 m or the race keel of 2.10 m or 2.40 draft

  •  A wind/speed/depth display can be placed on the mast underneath the boom
  • A gps tracker can be placed in front of the helmsmen
  • An autopilot can be installed underneath deck.
  •  All valves, skin lead-troughs and ventilators are made of brass. All tubes and wiring have been tested
  • according to the ISO and CE norms
  • Mast, spreaders and boom are made of aluminum type Selden. The fittings and rigging are made of high quality stainless steel. Boom has been fitted with two reefs .
  • A park avenue Boom* is possible.
  • A genaker* or code zero* can be used on a bowsprit*
  • Main rigging, lower rigging, front and rear stays are made of stainless steel wire
    with rigging tensioners.

Made from high quality dacron that has been through a stiffening process to make the sails keep their shape and hardwearing. Mainsail comes standard with 2 reefs.

  • Hand-held bilge-pump
  • 4 fenders
  • 4 mooring lines.

CE norm according to A

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